28 January, 2014

Artbooking Made Easy: Crush on Artbooking

 Speaking of Valentine’s Days of past, when you hear the word “crush,” does it take you back to your junior high school days like it does for me? Passing notes to that one cute boy and hoping to get a Valentine from him—those were the days! Well today, I want to show you something I’m sure you’re going to have a crush on—the My Crush™ books! Today’s episode of Artbooking Made Easy features these trendy books that I just love!

When you combine Close To My Heart's Cricut® Artbooking shapes with My Crush™ books, you'll take your on-the-go art to new heights. Watch the video to see how you can cohesively bring two different worlds together: Cricut® Artbooking shapes and My Crush books!

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